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7 Common Social Media Marketing Problems

If you go online right now and search for social media marketing articles, you will find yourself with a ton of websites that have published different ways in which you can use social media for business in order to help your company grow. However, most of these websites will only tell you superficially about it without even warning you about all, or even some of, the social media challenges that you will probably face when trying to use the social networking channels to improve your business.

Moreover, there are a lot of people, who are experts in these matters that usually throw very important events during the whole year. These events include lectures, seminars, workshops, and speeches, among many others. They normally offer a great deal of advises in order to help entrepreneurs with their Social Media Problems in Business. In this article, we have put together the 7 most common social media marketing problems so you are able to face this competitive world with the advantage of having prior information and, thanks to this, avoiding committing the same mistakes that most people do when they attempt to use social media for their business well-being.

And the best way of doing this is enumerating such problems beginning with the most common one:

Problem 1: Blind navigation

A lot of companies do not possess much useful information when they enter social media. They chase social media tactics not knowing about the who, where, when and what of the social networking algorithm. It is, certainly, of great importance that businesses create a listening program in order to listen all those “W” questions. It is crucial to listen through social media monitoring in order to understand competitors, brands, and key terms that are very relevant to your potential customers on the social networking channels. If your company does not make an effort in listening to their customer or engaging with them, it might miss unique opportunities in different domains such as customer service, marketing, recruiting, sales, and partnering, as well as public relations.

Problem 2: Doubts regarding the place it fits – Owners of Social Media?

It is very important to place responsibilities and resources as companies develop social media programs and strategy. This will lead to accountability and “ownership” in your market. Companies must establish social media goals as well as responsibilities in different parts of the organization which will undoubtedly lead to successful social media adoption with these organizations. Since the different departments have identified resources and accountability, they can, now, work in order to cross pollinate efforts and finally work together as an actual team. By doing this, the company will reap the benefits of the combined efforts as well as from a standpoint of implementation that will help you avoid any kind of conflict in the representation of the brand.

Problem 3: Inconsistent participation on Social channels

This has to do with the way the company participates in social media campaigns. The advice is to do it consistently since the businesses with the most successful blogs are the ones that have consistency in their posts. The best way to post in a more consistent way is to lead from the top, get exclusive buy-in. You will need to establish goals and provide contributors with a feedback loop. The community will provide the feedback as it grows. It is also important to plan who will create content, monitor and engage, apart from resources. Choose passionate members of the community and get them activated to be ambassadors of the brands. The use of repurposing content will help you create efficiencies.

Problem 4: Lack of individuality and confidence

Two of the most important elements to have when attempting to post on social media are Confidence and Individuality. With confidence, people will actually pay attention to whatever you have to say and by having individuality and putting your own touch to your content will certainly attract more and more people and maintain them entertained.

Remember that there is not much importance in whether there is or isn’t much truth in whatever you have to say; what really matter is that whatever you publish needs to be fresh and unique.

Leadership will certainly add up to conviction in order to help you getting to more and more people at a time.

Problem 5: Unsavvy Group of work regarding social media and digital matters

Social media is a topic that needs to be well understood by social network marketers. And companies that “are social” and claiming they can grow your business through social ,however, they don’t “do social” and don’t apply the methodologies on their brand. It means that they are savvy participants. There is, of course, a fair reason for that case. According to recent research

  • Around 90% of business buyers often read blogs, are active social media participants and watch videos generated by users

  • Between 50% and 60% of decision-makers have been in social networks

  • Almost 45% are, in this moment, creating media content in different ways such as blogs, videos, and articles, among many others.

A great advice for B2B marketers is to use social media. Not doing so will very likely make you lose a lot of opportunities. However, you’re not too late; you just need to train yourself through participation, listening and engage.

Problem 6: Data Analysis

Even though data analysis is an important factor in business managing, you should not let it become an inconvenient when coming up with creative ideas from your team. So, sometimes it is important to apply these ideas if your experience in social networking sites tells you to and not necessarily wait for data analysis to tell you what you already know since it can take a while and time is precious.

Problem 7: Little or no Personalization at all

Experts in social media marketing recommend using real team members for your efforts in social networking sites. Using impersonal profiles to advertise a specific brand is not very attractive for your future customers. By showing a face you will give your audience the confidence of becoming an active part of your community. Welcome personal brands and you do not need to worry about them getting more popular than you expect since their allegiance is to the brand.

These are only few but certainly the most common Problems in Social Media Marketing. So, make sure to pay close attention to the advises that the experts have to offer you and your business will grow in a short period of time.

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