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When it comes to marketing your business, getting your products and messaging seen by the right people is key. With so many different platforms, social media can seem daunting, but the reality is you don’t need to be everywhere. If you don’t have the bandwidth to be on every channel, then simply having the right mix is a great way to effectively market your business.

There are dozens of social media channels available to smart entrepreneurs, but only the smartest will learn to channel their energy into mastering the best channels in a given situation.

So What is a Social Media Mix?

A perfect Social Media Mix is the result of identifying the best platforms to carry out your communication campaigns. After composing them, the next step is defining your publication strategy on Social Media.

This way your Social Media Mix will help you to connect and interact with your public, in order to get them interested in your brand. 

Kuwait's Social Media Mix.

If you’re running a business and optimizing your marketing strategy, knowing Kuwait’s most popular social media networks can be worth more than its weight in gold.

However, with all the social media noise pumping through the social-sphere, Startups and marketers today still are unsure which channels are best for social media marketing optimization.

If you’re in this boat, you’re not alone. Take a gander below. If you have any questions or insights feel free to share them with us in our comments section.


The above research is very generic and it's meant to give you a general insight about Kuwait Market. But, you must be asking yourself: What is the Best Mix for My Business?

To answer `this, you need first to go back to Fundamentals and ask yourself:

1. What i am trying to achieve?

2. Whom aim going after?

Knowing you customer is a key factor in developing the best social media mix. I keep meeting a lot of  SMB and Startup's so excited to start promoting their brand on social media without any strategy. Which is fine on your personal account and pages. But, when it comes to business; It's not about what you love and what you are used too..


You have to change your mind set and start thinking more about: what is suitable for your BRAND based on statistics and rational thinking. And if you haven't got the chance to discover your best mix yet. I strongly suggest that you invest in socializing with your target audience across different channels and keep optimizing until you discover your best winning mix.

To help you jump-start with developing your social media mix, check Kuwait Startup Marketing Guide to understand the importance of having a strategy and uncover channels beyond the familiar ones. 

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